Spam, Scam, Scam calls

The world is still completely doomed.
At 15:08 I got a call from the number: +44 20 3839 9607, of course I didn't answer it because why would someone call me from the UK.. 🤷‍♀️ send an e-mail if it's something important 🤓 I'll look into it then ..

But they don't give up.. at 15:35 they tried to enter through the new channel 🧐 and I received a call from the number +372 5371 1058 (OÜ WE3000 Registration code: 16149388).

This is what this large EU EV E-residency now enables them to do.

Now I looked at the Estonian number and answered.
I didn't know it was UK's second coming 🤷‍♀️ and what happened was hypnotic...

I'll describe the speech and the feeling that came over me.

When I answered the call, I heard the first sentence (from the tape, perhaps a female voice in English, with an accent of another language, in the background, like the hissing of a airport or train station noise, to still make you to believe that this call is of "SOS" importance), which said without introduction:

"stay on the line, don't hang up!" - "stay on the line, don't hang up!"

This sentence went through my body like a pressing vibration, as if it was scary that something important or crazy is going on and I have to wait and listen to them - such a moment of doubt immediately took over my body that this speech must be heard and it is very important.

But luckily, my common sense immediately jumped out and quickly understood what was going on. I hung up and at 15:47 they already tried to call from the 3rd number, but it was no longer possible to find it on Google and of course I didn't answer it either.

You need to block these numbers on your phone immediately because they will try to call you from different numbers for several weeks, and if you don't answer their call during this period, they will leave you alone for a long time until another opportunity arises and you accidentally answer and pick up their call - lik being answered again and a new but the same journey starts over.

I recommend to everyone the COURAGE TO SAY "NO", the courage to be yourself and not to submit to such provocations!


Be careful! 🙏

With Love


Tele2 answer to that topic:

Fraudulent calls do not originate from the number owners at all. The calls start somewhere in the near-east.
Calls are made via the Internet and callers can specify any Estonian number that the recipient can see.

In other words, there have also been situations where the same fraudulent callers assign Tele2's own call center numbers (6866866 and 58000000) to the receiver's phone. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about this concern. The Police and TTJA are also aware of the concern, but they also cannot do anything because the calls originate outside the EU and they have no rights there.

Even if the person making the fraudulent call is actually in Estonia and calls some Tele2 numbers, the POLICE should also be contacted in case of this concern. Unfortunately, in this case, even blocking the numbers that call you will not help, because the callers will simply assign a new number to call you.

You can find a lot of information about fraud on the pages of all operators, including Tele2, Telia and Elisa.

If you have any additional questions, be sure to contact us. For a faster response, write to us in the chat window on the homepage or call 6866866.

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