I am Evelin Vahter.

I have worked for 20 years in sales and have successfully represented several companies and made every year millions of turnover. 

I have always been the strongest one, taken care of my family, friends, and close ones found a way to help and remedy their problems, ever since I remember. 

- Even though I grew up in daily kindergartens and boarding schools myself, spent summers working with my grandparents, never met my father, and finally discovered myself in a violent marriage with 9 months old baby boy -

20 years representative & sales work

Despite my efforts for the benefit of others I may have seemed OK but kept my problems to myself, hiding until I recovered from pain or exhaustion.

After 2 decades of hard work, failure in personal relationships, and ignoring my own pain and problems, one day I felt that I was no longer able to act, I had become too drained by circumstances.

Day after day I felt it couldn't continue to burn myself out. I looked up at the sky and begged for silence, rest and peace.

I was fatally tired and the last straw had manifest when my last dear relationship broke down. Shortly after, circumstances took their toll and I collapsed.

I was gone for 3 weeks in the dark and for a further 2 months, confined to my bed fighting for my life. I lost instantly 8 kg of my weight, my period stopped and my body was full of pain. I felt electric pins from toes to teeth, chest pain, not to mention deep anguish, sadness, severe migraine, fear, worry, anxiety, and panic attacks. It got to the point where I felt I was fighting for my sanity.

2,5 months in bed, fighting for my life and health

I was worried because I didn't know when it would end.. or what is happening with me.. and if there is a way out at all.. At the same time, I felt how my brain inside the skull only heated. I was afraid I would have a stroke or a blood vessel in my head would burst. All the pain and unreal "out of body" feelings in my body indicated that I am going crazy and soon will die..

After the third month, I discovered that the psychiatrist began to change my family doctor's medication to a stronger one, which I received as a sign that nobody can really help me anymore. I knew medicine would not dissolve my collapse and later disease, fears, worries, overwork burnout, or past painful experiences.

I felt very alone - again, which was becoming something of a partner to difficult times. I realized that I had to do something - I had my son to consider.

Then it hit me, the medical practitioners who prescribed my medication were not God and required me to be a 'patient' as they experimented.
After that, I finally found the strength to bin all the medication and began to revisit the healing methods and advice I learned over the last decade or so.

On the days when I managed to get up on my feet, I sat under a tree next to my home or walked into the woods behind the house. I sat for hours, weeks, and finally months in the silence of nature and went through deep meditative journeys into myself.

All in all, within 6 months, being in total isolation and silence, I went through absolute mental and physical fasting.  Throughout this 6 month period, twice, I met the other side and experienced the delicate and fragile boundary in between.

 There He stood, with my early dead sister, about 6 m (19,68 ft) tall, shining in the light of male energy. I realized how he thought, "where do you think you're going, girl?" I realized I had nowhere to escape - not anymore. I fell to my knees, surrendered to everything, and cried heartbreakingly from the base of my pelvis like a reborn child.

These experiences were the scariest moments of my life, but also the most cleansing, enlightening, and perfect, followed by endless inner silence, peace, a sense of security, full understanding, healing, gratitude, and harmony.

For complete healing, I had to go through my unresolved pain and soul wounds to be completely healed and to understand life, meaning who am I, where I'm going, or what is my path.

I am back, 34 pounds lighter, but more alive than ever

Within the healing time, I allowed myself to naturally heal, with no drugs or experiments involved.

In other words, I gathered my last desire, last faith, last intention, and the last power I had and after 100% focus on myself and my healing:

- I walked out of bed being there 2,5 months, in 5 days;
- I was healed from illness in extra 2 months;
- I was recovered and restored my body power in extra 2 months;
- I was all clear, learned the Life lesson and I changed my life in 180°! 

Would you like to get the same results and heal your body,
soul & mind?

To be fully healed and feel no more pain or suffering, we have to give it enough focus to ascertain the roots thereof!

Today I am infinitely grateful for the blessings I received from Life and I am now, in turn, inspired to use my gift and experiences to help and heal You!

Experience-Advisor, Coach-Consultant Certificate May. 2016-
- Fortunately, I still have a sense of humor and a thirst for life :)

 Great classmates with their powerful experiences


The method I use, helps you overcome difficulties, learn from my similar experience, receive guidance and support to cope with your own story, and achieve healing and recovery.

Becoming Free from Fear; Worry, Stress, Depression, Phobia, Anxiety, Panic, Suicidal Thoughts, Body Illness or Whatever The Case Maybe!

I'll help you find a way out of suffering from Stress, Crisis, Loneliness, Burnout, Phobia, Conflict, Domestic Violence, Anxiety- and Panic Disorder, Body Illness, generally whatever the case may be.

I Guide You How To Reunite With Your Body, With The Lost Self And Return To Your Inner Peace & Prosperity.

Are you ready to change your life and heal your body,  soul & mind?

I have used this program for my clients since 2016. During this time, I have performed more than 9 000 hours of client sessions to release symptoms of Illness, Crisis, Anxiety and Panic Attacks and -Disorder or etc. 

I have worked with people diagnosed with cancer, as well have been a support person to disabled-, suicidal people, victims of violence, and to individuals labeled as mentally ill or people with the 'diagnose'.

The people I have advised have expressed gratitude and demonstrated positive changes in their social life and world-views and now they are more confident and secure, able to better enjoy the empowerment of their true selves and more greatly enriched lives.

At the Saku Health Centre, I work together with the GPs, by providing my service, since 2016
My experience and study was trusted and trusted in its effectiveness in helping others, and I was given a midwife's office 
I'm just grateful! 

I guide you with Blueprint or 1:1 sessions separate steps, how to:

...solve stress, crisis, or anguish;
...release, fear, worry, or phobias;
...solve painful problems, constant thoughts, conflicts;
...to deal with isolation, loneliness;
...release anxiety or panic attacks;
...heal your physical body from disease & exhaustion;
...restore the full force of your body in 180 days to move on with your life;
...reach endless freedom & euphoria in 60 days;
...change your life 180° degrees in 90 days to follow your passion & dreams;
...find true love, peace & harmony from within.

Are you ready?

My Experiences in the field of health study:

The Art of Conscious Change I-II, III, IV, V - Human OU

Imago therapy - Transpersonal Psychology and Hypnotherapy Private School "Conscious Me" - Rebecca Sears, USA
Hypnotherapy - Transpersonal Psychology and Hypnotherapy Private School "Conscious Me" - Jure Biechonski, Poland
The journey, meditations, and healing methods since 2006.
Experience Counseling and Consultant Training - Avitus MTÜ, 1610, 1610J
Professional Life Coaching Certification ECA Accreditation Empowerment Coach Academy, Louise Anne Maurice
Health Promotion Specialist - Tallinn University
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychotherapy - Tallinn University, 9335
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Practitioner Certificate - Achology Ltd, The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology
Voluntary lifesaver training I; II category - Estonian Rescue Board
Healthcare Manager Development Program - EBS Executive Education,

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Blueprint is based on real stories,
personal experience & healing

Created by Evelin Vahter
Coach & Consultant
 I wish you a healing journey!