Recurrent anxiety, recurrent panic attack; returned anxiety, returned panic attack

Do you struggle with recurrent worry, overthinking, anxiety and panic attacks and you are tired of it or you want to heal yourself from debilitating illnesses?

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Video content:
..the heart is beating again..
what is happening to me..
help.. help...
what is happening to me..
it starts again..
and then you fight this situation
and suppress it
and you're back to zero point
or at least then to such a situation
where you have the greater fear
greater anxiety
greater panic attack
as it for youself
as suppressed or rejected
but you haven't actually rejected
because it will happen again
until the next time
many people have asked me
why this anxiety starts
and how to get out of this dead circle
or how to get out of this box
and then I thought
that I would just
draw here on the mirror, design-wise
what is it
that we are in
when we have this
anxiety disorder..
an anxiety attack.. or
a panic attack.., a panic disorder..
usually, we're like
here, in this box
and you.. me..
is this dot in here..
and it's like the everyday life
in which we live and exist
and when there's some kind of stressful period
or tension, or worry
a generally difficult time
wrestling with anxiety..
panic attacks..
what happens then..
for example
I go to bed at night
and before I go to sleep
I feel relatively normal
but when I go to sleep
the anxiety seems to grow
you see.. it starts again..
it starts again..
then such a big pre-panic state occurs..
but I don't want to experience this panic
and now I fight and suppress it
and then I get to such a
suppressed state
where the stronger panic attack
or a stronger anxiety attack has rejected for myself
and then at some point, at night
I already feel..
that it's starts again..
it's starting again..
again my heart is beating..
again.. what's happening to me..
help.. help..
what's happening to me..
again it starts..
and then you fight with this situation
and suppress it
and you get to a zero point again
or at least to such a situation
where you have the greater fear
greater anxiety
greater panic attack
as it for youself
as suppressed or rejected
but you haven't really rejected it
because it will happen again
until the next time..
and the momentum comes again..
what's wrong with me again..
why is my heart beating..
why is my head spinning..
help.. I'm passing out..
and then you fight this situation again
and you suppress it
and that's how you are in that
it starts again..
I've experienced this before..
help.. how horrible it is..
and so I fight this situation
so that I don't experience it
and if at some point, for example
you've used antidepressants..
or you've even gone to a little bit of therapy..
or played sports..
but you haven't solved it for yourself
you haven't been to a counselor
you haven't gotten to the core of the problem
what actually causes it all..
and then at some point you get to a place
where you sigh: "oh.." I'm pretty good..
that I haven't had it anymore..
it was once, a long time ago..
it was years ago..
it happened, when I went on vacation..
then it happened for the first time..
now I haven't had it a couple of years..
or rather like that
I had it a few years ago..
and now suddenly it popped out again..
this means..
that as long as you haven't found
your way out of this experience
you haven't fount a way out of
from the dead box
from the dead circle
you haven't found a way out
you haven't overcome it for yourself
that greater anxiety attack
that greater panic attack
you haven't crossed it for yourself
this particular period here
so it means
that it is still unresolved
and it will come back
and it will come back
for example
in a year..
in two years..
in three years..
maybe even in 5 years..
completely suddenly, randomly
after some kind of long period of
some big conflict..
natural disaster..
some kind of fright..
becoming unemployed..
whatever can happen in your life
and you're..
back in the exact same situation
and it all starts all over again..
what's happening to me..
what's wrong with me..
it starts again..
oh my God..
all my walls are springing again..
why is it like this with me..
am I dying..
help.. I'm dying..
and it repeats, and repeats, and repeats..
and for some people it can actually repeat
for twenty years
just like the waves
and then they say
that life is like this wave
that the whole world oscillates
each one has its own wavelength
its own wave frequency
and then you think..
well.. it can't get any deeper from here..
it can't get any worse..
because I've already been in it once
I've been there
I've been through it, I survived it, right
now it comes back..
it can't get any worse..
yes, it can
the next time, these symptoms will get worse
because, for example..
for the first time you panicked
and for the first time you experienced
just a very big anxiety attack
or a really big panic attack
then later
you start doing everything
to never have that first experience
when you experienced the panic attack
never to experience it again
and you start to fight with that
suppress that first real experience
that happened to you
that ever happened to me
that I experienced so much anxiety
I experienced so big feeling of unreality
I experienced such a big panic attack
that now I don't want to experience it anymore
and then the rest of the years
you start doing everything
to avoid that first experience
when you fell into this box
to never experience that experience again
and that means..
that as long as you fight it
you can't get out of here
there's a way out
I'm a living example
I overcame it in two and a half months
fighting, wrestling, raging in that box
for two and a half months
and I came out of it in a flash
and during these seven years
I haven't experienced
no anxiety, anxiety disorder, anxiety attack
or panic attack
complete silence and peace
completely overcame it for myself
the possibility exists
I will put the link below for "Inner Dialogue"..
how can you
solve the things in yourself
which generally cause you
this stress and anxiety
if you need more help
to get out of it
another link..
book an appointment, and we'll talk..
there is a way out
you just have to give yourself a chance

Why anxiety happens at night? Anxiety starts with worrying - overthinking and especially in a relaxed state, about that I will write in the next blog post.

I will add again, it is possible to come out of this and overcome anxiety totally. You just have to take the first steps in self-help, and no one has to do it alone.

The first step - you have to agree with yourself that it is necessary, you can accept help, and start moving in this direction to allow a specialist to help you - and the result will be more and more wonderful every time.

They are often afraid.. of what will happen and what will arise when I go to therapy. But what comes to the surface is only the repressed pain and suffering that you have carried inside you for years, which you can simply, with tears look at it, put it away, let go with saying goodbye and lovingly accept a new and brighter place where it is ease to be.

With love
Evelin Vahter

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